My Vision

I see a world full of women and men who are confused about their hormone and wellness options. I see a place where the playing field should be level, but is not.  Instead we are in the dark, facing wellness issues and symptoms, searching for answers.

My passion is to bring knowledge, science-based information and total support. My hope is to bring a ray of light to the healing journey of others.

My Story

I’ve spent twenty three years building successful Health & Wellness practices and Compounding Pharmacies in the Hormone Wellness and Functional Medicine fields.  I have interviewed and coached thousands of women and men who desire to find an improved quality of life through alternative hormone and wellness solutions.  I listened to their needs, and sought unique training and vast experience which would allow me to teach many practitioners across the United States an unconventional approach to hormones, thyroid, adrenal stress, and overall wellness.

Along my journey I have encountered my own life and health experiences which have given me personal insight as to how my role will serve others.  Through transforming my own thought forms about my life, health, and professional role, my divinely appointed purpose to help others became clear.         

It is my privilege to work with individuals and their practitioners to create lifestyle adjustments and carve out wellness goals, which incorporates a safe hormone approach. 

It is my honor to inspire individuals through my workshops, private coaching sessions, and Secrets of a Hormone Whisperer Blog.