Cheri Lynne Martin is an INSPIRATIONAL CONSULTANT/SPEAKER who teaches you about balancing your life tray and taking back your power.  Her workshops range from the issues of hormones and wellness to stress, sleep, and sex, and are presented to guide you towards transforming and illuminating your life.  Each workshop is designed to educate and enlighten you in a strategic and supportive way along your journey to inner joy.

Wellness Workshops

  • Hot Flashes and Hormones
  • Hormones 101 for Men and Women
  • Sleep, Sex and Serotonin – Can Hormones Help?
  • Hormones & Weight Gain – The Hidden Truth

Illumination Workshops

  • Balance Your Life Tray – Take Back Your Power
  • How to Live Your 10 Life – Now
  • I’ve Climbed Mountains to get to the Ground Level
  • Loving Yourself Authentically
  • When I Woke Up

View/Download Cheri Lynne’s Workshop Schedule: Life & Wellness Workshops Katy,TX
Life & Wellness Workshops Sugarland, TX